Mathematical Jokes
Just found this one:
"How unnatural"--1.
quickfur Wrote:"How unnatural"--1.


So another one:

Noah goes along its way and sees there two snakes.
According to his mission he says to the snakes:
"Go forth and multiply!"
But the snakes replied "We can't, we are adders!"
So it seems that there cant be done much about and Noah continues on its way. Another time he again crosses that place and what does he see?! The snakes were, ahm, multiplying by a log!
"Golly gosh! Last time you told me that you were adders, how can it be that I see you here happily multiplying?"
The snakes, shortly disrupting their activity, replied:
"Oh, we are adders and can not multiply, but by log we can!"
Though not mathematical, but along the line:
I was thinking more along the lines of expanding the first joke to \( e^{i\pi}+1=0 \), where after i, pi, and 1 make their comments, 0 says "so much ado for nothing". I didn't think of anything funny for e to say, though.
quickfur Wrote:I didn't think of anything funny for e to say, though.

Perhaps another joke for this topic:

A differential operator is standing at a bar. There comes a function along. The operator says: "Hey, how about differentiating you?!". The function answers: "I dont care, I am \( e^x \) !".
(And in some versions the joke even continues as the differential operator says: "Haha, and I am \( \frac{\partial}{\partial y} \) !!!".)
I was thinking of another one. Actually, it is the Gianfranco Euler Fundamental Theorem, which stipulates that:

e^(2*Pi*i) = 0

In (other) words:
"It is useless to raise an eye for doubling a pie, because the result is zero".

Fair enough or, again: "Much ado about nothing".
(William Quickfur)

What did the category theorist do when his girlfriend came over?


Quote:Inverse Factorial '?'

The inverse of the factorial operation should be '?'

It seems logical that the inverse of the factorial function, '!', should be '?'.
Then you would have meaningful identities like:

9! = 362880
362880? = 9
9?! = 9
362880?!?!?? = 9
3! = 6 = 720?
1! = 1? = 1?!??!?!!?

It would really clear up mathematics, especially for the novice.

AntiQuark, Oct 27 2004
Gottfried Helms, Kassel
Wow what a great idea to set up this site 'halfbakery'; for all things you always wanted to improve, but for which the world is perhaps to bad to allow.

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