The forum needs a different font
The present default font used in this forum has an Unicode symbol for Pi=3,1415926... which looks too similar to a lowercase n.

[Image: USuIp2r.png?1]

This cause confusion. Maybe the font should be changed.

It looks like the font is Verdana, which also, is not guaranteed to be installed on some OS.

The most safe fonts are Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New

[Image: 2gYLmaA.png?1]

Arial is the most similar to Verdana.
Just use the tex font "\( \pi \)"

MSE MphLee
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(03/13/2015, 07:40 PM)MphLee Wrote: Just use the tex font "\( \pi \)"

Thanks. I didn't knew I could use latex.
When making a post or doing a Full Edit, There is a blue capital A for changing the font.
It has Arial, Times New RomanCourier New and other fonts.
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