Poll: what superfunction terms?
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super-f, infra-f
0 0%
super-f, Abel-f
1 20.00%
super-f, arcsuper-f
0 0%
super-f, antisuper-f
0 0%
super-f, sub-f
0 0%
iter-f, Abel-f
1 20.00%
iter-f, itra-f
0 0%
ultra-f, infra-f
0 0%
f-exponential, f-logarithm
3 60.00%
meta-f, para-f
0 0%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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Poll: revised super terminology poll
in response to complaint(s) of bias, i removed the previous poll.
The difference is that anti-iter f is not replaced by itra f.
Pick the one that you think is the best. If you don't care about this issue, PLEASE don't vote - it isn't like a public policy issue, so please don't muddle the opinions of those to whom it matters the most.
I will leave the polls up for two weeks a week a day a minute. After that I will just by fiat declare the majority to be the "right" terms... heh heh heh, the irony of democracy...
BE IT RESOLVED, that the function of x, f^r(x), the f-power; its inverse the f-root; the function of r, f^r(x) the f-exponential; its inverse the f-logarithm.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the “hyper-operations” be called the way described in the second (2nd) post of the thread "Poll: hyper-operations terminology" in Tetration Forum.

SIGNED, (sign by posting a signature thread)

Screw all that formalism, just call them f-exponential, f-logarithm, and the superexponentail be called the tetra-exponential, etc.
But I think to relativize one should also mention that there are only 4 participants in this poll!
No one seemed to care, that's why I just pretended to declare the right terminology, to see if anyone missed his chance and really wants it.
Urhh...someone would care... and he is me...
(08/20/2009, 12:04 PM)bo198214 Wrote: But I think to relativize one should also mention that there are only 4 participants in this poll!

i have to remark : at least 5.

to get to the point :

can you plz explain to me , WHY i cant vote ?

i tried 3 times.

i did not complaints about the forum in the past , but voting is not allowed for me ?

What exactly doesnt work?
Were you logged in?
(08/23/2009, 09:50 AM)bo198214 Wrote: What exactly doesnt work?
Were you logged in?

of course i was logged in.

only members can vote.

some members that is ...

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