Making the Tetration Forum read only
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Shanghai46, have you checked out my website at I am trying to create an onramp to understanding tetration. I worry that folks who can't understand the material on my website won't be able to understand the more advanced mathematics of the other tetration methods. I suspect that there are literally less than a handful of people who actually understand the all the different methods, and I'm not one of them. Understanding the different tetration methods requires a PhD level of education in mathematics. Study Gottfried's postings as his work and mine are closest to one another and are the most "elementary" approaches. I strongly recommend that you read Bo's postings for an overview of his and Kouznetsov's work. The single best method to understand is Paulsen's which does build on Bo and Kouznetsov's work.

Btw. Do you know how to contact Dimitrii Kouznetsov ?

(12/22/2023, 08:59 PM)Shanghai46 Wrote: Btw. Do you know how to contact Dimitrii Kouznetsov ?

Kouznetsov hasn't been active on this site for seven years, but you might still be able to send him a private message.
(10/24/2023, 01:49 AM)Daniel Wrote: The forum isn't dead, all the software works, you just can't presently post in the mathematical forums. But you can discuss the future of the Tetration Forum here, read and search twenty years of articles and still use the email to other users.

Digital systems have a life cycle and it appears that the forum is at the end of it's natural cycle. It served a need that now appears to have passed. Shanghai46, let me ask you why you became a member? The truth is that the vast majority of members wish to establish themselves as someone with something important to say about tetration or to even become famous. The forum has been held together by a small group of people who hold supporting the tetration community to be more important that being a famous researcher.

Moderators and senior members have been the life blood of this forum. As a long time member and an administrator my review of access logs shows many of the most important contributors to the forum have not logged in for many years. The people with the most important work, IMHO, on the forum are simply no longer available to defend or explain their postings.

But the history of the concept of Tetration as an ongoing mathematical exploration does not end there.

We don't know yet how the Tetration functions on \(\mathbb{Q}_p,\Omega_p,\mathbb{H}\) are computed.
Just on 30 August 2022 a new paper appears that allows us to solve differential equations on Surreal. The allowed range includes at least trigonometric functions, gamma/log-gamma, Airy functions.
This means that we have a real chance to generalise Tetration for \( \mathbb{R} \) or \( \mathbb{C} \)  to infinite ordinals, singular cardinals, large cardinals and even more magical levels (in \( \textbf{No} \) or \( \textbf{No} [i]\) ) instead of playing word games. (e.g., \( \mathrm{tet}(\omega), \mathrm{slog}( \textbf{No}),  \mathrm{ssqrt}( \omega_1 i)   \))
(10/22/2023, 11:04 PM)Daniel Wrote: I do not expect the Tetration Forum to resume regular operations again. My decision as acting systems administrator to make the forum read-only has gone without comment from the other moderators and systems administrators. The only concern expressed was for the site to be preserved for historical purposes. Ultimately Bo is the architect and manager of the Tetration Form. I came on board in the context of supplying him and the moderators with systems administration support.

I think it makes sense to continue to allow users who have been registered for a period of time (e.g., a year) to continue to post new threads, at least to push new Tetration news to readers.

Of course one could also consider diverting readers to discord, but that's not really appropriate for discord for mathematically preservation-valued longform posts.
(01/17/2024, 04:09 PM)Ember Edison Wrote: I think it makes sense to continue to allow users who have been registered for a period of time (e.g., a year) to continue to post new threads, at least to push new Tetration news to readers.

This seems to be a small, meaningful step. However, I wouldn't make a big thing out of it since I know (and hate) that it is easy to ask some moderator to do some more job ... just for my fun or comfort. 5 years ago I would have just stepped in and had taken up some of the burden, but after a hard time of critical illness my mind's energy (and thus my organizational reliability) has much reduced.
Gottfried Helms, Kassel
(10/26/2023, 12:56 PM)Shanghai46 Wrote: For example, I'm aware of the existence of Gottfried and Dimitrii Kouznetsov, and apparently they are well known in this field. Tho I have never been able to grasp their method, or even to find any ways to contactcthem to discuss. They're almost legendary ghosts figures to me.

Upps - why couldn't you contact me? Is my email-adress not visible via my user-profile? Did I forget to insert the after-retirement-address into my webpages? Then sorry! Please let us stay in contact, then let's see what we can do. I'm currently in a time of sort of recovery (toi-toi-toi)
Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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