(02/06/2016, 01:41 PM)Kouznetsov Wrote: Hello, colleagues.
I have constructed superfunction and abelfnction for the polynomial of special kind, Nem(z)=z+z^3+qz^4,
where q is positive parameter.

I load the description as
Dmitrii Kouznetsov.
Nemtsov function and its iterates.
2016, in preparation.

Could anybody criticise it?


This is an example of the parabolic case. There are some links on MSE to the fractional iterates for sin(x), which is a similar problem. In general, the Abel function and the fractional iterates are well known, and have a formal asymptotic series which turns out to have a zero radius of convergence. For example; see I have not seen the superfunction formal solution though.
- Sheldon

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