regular sexp: curve near h=-2 (h=-2 + eps*I)
(03/09/2010, 10:33 PM)bo198214 Wrote: Didnt Jay D already show similar pictures here?

Yes - thanks! Only that they are much more informative and much much nicer... Smile
I liked them very much, when i saw them first, but wouldn't have realized the relation to my own question in focus...

Especially that one, of which mine is just a rough&small part:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=143]

It seems, that my rescaling of the x-axis to exp(real(f(k))), which maps all on the way to the negative infinity to a finite open interval - to the left. To have the same to the right I'd do a quadratic scaling - something like exp(- real(f(k))^2 ) or so... let's see...


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