What is "buddies" in MyBB?
Dear friends-

 I've got a request for adding someone to my "buddies-list". I couldn't find anything in the help-system what this is for and what this does. Even googling externally doesn't help. I have no experience with social networks (facebook, whatsapp, etc.) (and avoided that to protect the privacy of my list of friendly mail-&telephone contacts) so what does this mean here?

Kindly -
(with buddhist greetings anyway    Wink       )

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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What is "buddies" in MyBB? - by Gottfried - 06/20/2022, 06:24 PM
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RE: What is "buddies" in MyBB? - by Gottfried - 06/22/2022, 10:23 AM

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